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About the Nashua Continuum of Care

The Greater Nashua Continuum of Care (GNCOC), formalized in 1995, includes the City of Nashua and nine surrounding communities in Hillsborough County. The general purpose of the Continuum is to apply for funding for programs and services to address homelessness. The GNCOC is made up of nonprofit agencies (shelters, food pantries, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing agencies), service providers, the banking and business communities, faith-based organizations, veteran’s service agencies, welfare, educational institutions, youth organizations, representation from federal and state government, homeless or formerly homeless people and other concerned citizens. Following the guidelines of the Nashua Consolidated Plan and the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, many goals have been realized, including additional affordable housing units, increased participation from towns in the GNCOC geographical area and from the business community, and greater awareness of and involvement in local, state, and national legislative issues concerning homelessness.

Executive Committee

The Greater Nashua Continuum of Care Executive Committee meets monthly. The Executive Board is made up of representatives from agencies with HUD funded programs such as Veteran’s Services, Permanent Supportive Housing, transitional Housing, Emergency Shelter, homeless prevention, domestic violence victim’s services, homeless/formerly homeless individuals, and public housing authority representatives.

Member Agencies

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